C.I.M.A. Mandate

CIMA fosters the innovation and adaptation of new media technologies as it seeks to devise new expressions of indigenous culture for the 21st century. Aboriginal people are experiencing a revolution of consciousness; the failures of the an historical colonial project are connected to the contemporary realities of Indigenous peoples worldwide and have impacted their cultural expression. There is a revolution expanding consciousness and re-asserting Indigenous research/creation methodologies grounded in culture as well as meaningful community engagement. Traditional artistic practices have transformed with new technology creating new artistic practices, which incorporate traditional modes of cultural expression and a predominant indigenous world view.

This revolution of consciousness has not been an isolated reality within Aboriginal communities alone with digital and other new forms of interactive media having tremendous impact on traditional forms of cultural expression globally. The Centre promotes research that brings artist practice, social science, Indigenous studies and contemporary art discourse into contact with new media and media arts based practices to develop a critical awareness of the dynamic relationship between culture and new forms of media technology. As a state-of-the-art digital facility engaged in innovative research, the Centre will develop meaningful content, artwork and services, and support innovative processes. CIMA works with community and Elders to expand on traditional knowledge transmission strategies for cultural expression and communicate cultural knowledge to audiences across a range of age groups and cultures. The primary researchers of this centre will work and pursue collaborative research relationships across disciplines and faculties to include perspectives from a variety of sources. The Centre is a focal point for exploring the collaborative and interdisciplinary potential of research/creation between faculty members, community organizations and international scholars. CIMA has a close working relationship to The Centre for Culture and Technology with which it shares space as well as the Centre for Social, Spatial and Economic Justice for which it has a past history of collaborative research. Through its collaborations and interdisciplinary projects the Centre fills an important role as mediator between institution, artist practitioner and Indigenous communities.