Indigenous Media Archive Project

Over the last two decades, there has been significant artistic activity by indigenous media artists in web and interactive art. Unfortunately, the contribution of these artists to Indigenous Canadian Culture has not been documented. Works like Yuxweluptun's seminal virtual reality piece "Inherent Rights, Vision Rights" (1992) have been ignored in art historical texts. The major role played by Indigenous media artists in Canadian contemporary media art needs to be acknowledged and documented as a legacy for Canadian and world heritage. This project is still in early development stages but inclusde Interview with leading new media artist and the survey of pivotal works. Thiseventual web-portal project has three key components: The adaptation of historic works to new platforms; new work creation; and historic contextualization. This project documents pivotal interactive Indigenous media artworks from the past 20 years bringing them into compliance with new Web 2.0 standards. In addition, this project would collect, update, re-purpose, interpret, and develop new versions of early interactive media works for IPhone, IPad and other mobile devices for a new generation. IMAP will produce articles and other educational materials that provide historical context, preserve and develop appreciation for the significance of past works as well as new contemporary works. Facilitating the development of new contemporary works through web-art residencies to indigenous artists will also be a component of this project and will provide further context for the historical work. This application will fund the initial research activity and the development of infrastructure and technical skills to support the project.