Raven Brings the Light

Researcher: Stephen Foster
Multi-channel Video and Audio Installation, Running time: 3:30 (loop). 2011

The Raven and the story of how he brings the light to world is an iconic north west coast story that has several variations and at its essence is a story about coming into consciousness. This video and sound installation is an attempt to capture the moment of Raven’s childhood when the world was still dark. Before Raven steals the light and shatters the darkness he is a child in the house of an old man that keeps all the light of the universe in a box inside many boxes. Raven tricks the man into releasing the light.

In this installation the viewer is confronted by images of shadows and overlapping sounds of a child playing and of a Raven’s calls. The video presents images of a child playing with a flashlight and making shadow puppets with her hands. The video elements are presented on the inside of a modern camping tent, which is meant to imply a contemporary relationship to nature bringing the Raven story to a modern context. The effect creates the illusion of a child playing with a flashlight inside the tent. The sound elements are interactive and change as an audience or viewer moves around the tent. The interactive elements generate a sound collage that re-enforces the sound of the video presented in the tent and provides for an infinite number variations.

Raven Brings The Light is a multi-channel video and audio installation with interactive sound elements. The installation is both scalable and flexible to accommodate various installation contexts. It can be installed in an outdoor environment or in a gallery context.


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